Face Vault - "Hide messages in plain sight". FaceVault is a service provider that allows one to post and retrieve hidden messages that can only be unlocked by the subjects face more...


Telegram - @FaceVault_BOT
Telegram - @FaceVault_BOT

About Us

We specialize in securing hidden messages only unlocked with a certain face - what message does your face unlock?.

FaceVault can be used to:

  • Hide messages in plain sigth. Encrypt a secret message for your friends with your face.
  • Remembering that face you tend to forget by hiding his name in his face.
  • Security groups hide secret messages related to a face for other to decrypt from a suspisious character.
  • Lookup friends and see what message is hidden in there face.

How to register on the system

Send a image to one of our service BOTs on Telegram, Whatsapp or Wechat (or use our API to develop from and use our datasets).

Custom/own dataset

Sometimes it's needed to use your own private face dataset based on your own users contributions, our easy to use howto's will guide you through the process.

contact us for more detail

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What are the requirements for using this service?

    FaceVault is available on all major instant messaging platforms.

    Start using it today.

  • Q. How much does it cost?

    Free for adding messages and decrypting* messages

    * decryption messages are limited to message length on the free plan.







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